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"I am because, we are"

"I am because you are"


SunEko believes that we all are interdependent for our dream. You are no one without someone. We believe that everyone is special and important and we respect every creature.

Social Circus Project in Adama 

In addition to circus, sports and art training, which includes various creative workshops, courses and prevention programs on important topics are organized in the areas of: school and extracurricular education, health and sexual education, empowerment of girls and young women, gender roles, environmental education, prevention of youth migration, social interaction and vocational preparation etc.


The project SunEko enables children and young people to attend a regular school and supports them with tutoring and learning material. You get meals and hygienic care.


In this way, we ensure that knowledge is communicated over the long term and that a path out of poverty into self-determined life is formed.

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SunEko Art for Social Development


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Finfine Branch 



TIN Number: 0052123138

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